March Featured story

“International focus”

WILDTOPIA will be announcing more new collaborators the next months. We’re looking forward to that. Meanwhile  the Danish culture magazine for the culture industry, Kulturmonitor, has discovered WILDTOPIA and has asked some questions.

See the Q&A (only in Danish) right here.

From the article…:

7 advices to work internationally:

  • Choose the best shows – which really have an international potential.
  • Make an international strategy for the company/theatre.
  • Choose a signature-project which makes it clear to people, what you’re doing in the international arena.
  • Be patient and ready to take one small step at a time.
  • Prioritize money in the operating budget to act internationally.
  • Keep touring a show as long as it is good and relevant (there are also classics in the performing arts – like in the movies and in litterature).
  • Make it personal – people buy of people – it also applies in the international field.