DKK 730.00 (including 25% moms)

SHINE YOUR WORK is a workshop for creatives to get tools to handle becoming visible and successful - unapologetically.

It is made by multiple award-winning entrepreneur Karen Toftegaard in 2021 based on many years of experience from the artsindustry - as entrepreneur, promoter and head of PR. Due to very good feedback the course has been developed in several editions - now in an easy-to-use app version.

DKK 4,955.00 (including 25% moms)

SHINE YOUR WORK is a workshop for creatives to get tools to handle becoming visible and successful - unapologetically. This model includes 3 personal online sessions with Karen Toftegaard. These sessions have to be held within 9 months. You will receive a calendly-link to book your sessions when you book this model.

YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN DANISH AND ENGLISH in the personal online sessions.

DKK 1,200.00 (+ 25% moms)

I offer a limited amount of 90 minutes online consultations per month. You answer a couple of questions in advance and then we tune in on your challenge in the cultural field. Please note that the Emerging Artists & Producer’s discount price is only available for people who have contacted us and have been approved to join EAP initiatives.


DKK 796.00 (+ 25% moms)

Are you going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a show - the biggest arts festival in the world - in August 2024?

Do you want to prepare your mindset, fin-tune your tools to communicate and keep your stories clear, boost your awareness and check in once a week during the Edfringe for support and keeping up the intention on a high vibration? We have been going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe for several years - and each year we see the need for supporting creatives in finding more wholesome ways of handling beeing in an arena of visibility.

You get support from an expert in branding and festivals - Karen Toftegaard. You give and take from likeminded artists/producers who also want to unapologetically shine their work. You get a safe space where you can reflect on what’s going on in the big Edinburgh melting pot and turn struggle into healthy competition and collaboration that inspires you.

Our aim is to support creatives in understanding themselves, other people and the world in order to navigate with a high awareness.

DKK 160.00 (+ 25% moms)

BRUG DIN KREATIVITET er ikke bare en bog. Det er en værkstøjskasse til dig, der gerne vil re-boote og booste din kreativitet, styrke din kreative selvtillid og gøre dig handlekraftig. Bogen indeholder også en række interviews med danske kreative personligheder som bl.a. musiker Signe Høirup Wille Jørgensen, Designer og direktør Line Markvardsen, designer Rosan Bosch, tidligere kreativ direktør i Saatchi & Saatchi Patrick Isaak samt madkunstner og iværksætter Mette Martinussen. Kort sagt får du en lige-til-at-gå-til-guide med nye perspektiver på din kreativitet.

Bogen blev udgivet i 2014 på Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck (opkøbt af Gyldendal).