We’re a Creative production and promotion company based in denmark – WITH international FOCUS.

WILDTOPIA is about seizing and creating opportunities for audiences, artists and presenters.

  • …helps ambitious companies, venues and institutions to create international strategies.
  • …finds and promote shows we believe in – often fierce or humorous and always genuine.
  • …presents international shows in Denmark.
  • …promotes international shows in the Nordic countries.
  • …gives workshops in creative producing and how to create ambitious and realistic international strategies.

The WILDTOPIA attitude

Passion for the arts, creativity and clever production! And we like to laugh – because “laughter is the closest distance between two people”, like a wise Danish comedian once said.

“We will either find a way – or make one.”

WILDTOPIA is a creative production and promotion company based in Copenhagen, Denmark – acting internationally as consultant, mentor, agent, producer and promoter of performing arts.

A Nordic focus has been on our agenda since 2018, where WILDTOPIA initiated the first Nordic collaboration at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (in shape of Nordic receptions and behind-the-scenes-industry-developing events for Nordic producers/artists).

In January 2021 WILDTOPIA will have it’s first touring of international companies in Denmark – ONLY BONES 1.0 with Thom Monckton by Kallo Collective [FI] and . Presenting international work in Denmark and in the Nordic countries is one of our core goals.


Since September 2020 Karen Toftegaard leads the company with the help of projectbased partnerships – both nationally and internationally.


National Touring Consultant (Denmark): Janne Storm

Associated Graphics Partner: Jakob Rønlov

Associated UK PR-Partner: Madelaine Bennett // Gingerbread Agency

Karen Toftegaard is a cultural serial-entrepreneur who has developed/co-founded festivals and an award-winning outdoor gallery. She is the managing director at the PR company Karen Toftegaard ApS and works as International Producer at the performing arts festival CPH STAGE. For 7 years Karen was part of the start up-teams at the subsidized Danish theatres Camp X and Republique – promoting international and Danish theatre.

Besides her commitment to the performing arts she is a published author of the book “Use Your Creativity” (2014) and a certified Shadow Facilitator. With a knowledge of how creatives sometimes struggle to get their messages across, Karen also works as a process facilitator and teacher – privately and in art schools. Currently she is working on the book “The Psychology of Visibility”.

Member of International Society of Performing Arts

2021 – 2023 Karen is selected to be one of the two Danish fellows in ISPA (International Society of Performing Arts) – supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

The two founders of WILDTOPIA – Producer Gitte Nielsen (left) and Producer Karen Toftegaard (right). Since 2020 Karen is leading the company with the help of projectbased partnerships. Photo: Andrew Perry

                                                                                                                                                                        WILDTOPIA was founded in 2018 by producer Gitte Nielsen and Karen Toftegaard. Together – in short time – they created a company with a strategic and practical international focus.

THANK YOU: WILDTOPIA’s travels to Performing Arts Festivals and Fairs in 2018 – 2019 have been partly supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Development Platform for Performing Arts.