EdFringe edition: SHINE YOUR WORK

22.07.2024 - 05.09.2024

EdFringe is a beauty and a beast – the perfect place to learn and adjust how one deals with visibility. It is easy to get lost, loose the courage and feel tiny at the world's biggest theatre festival. A lot of creatives have ambivalent feelings when it comes to selling their work. When you overcome them you can sell unapologetically and with integrity. SHINE YOUR WORK – EdFringe edition provides you with tools to handle the heightened focus on becoming visible.

Stepping into an arena of attracting attention, becoming visible and standing out at the world’s biggest festival can trigger many feelings and behavioral patterns. Are you going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a show? Do you want to prepare your mindset, fin-tune your tools to communicate and keep your stories clear, boost your awareness and check in once a week during the Edfringe for support and keeping up the intention on a high vibration? Benefits: You get support from an expert in branding and festivals. You get support from likeminded artists/producers who also wants to unapologetically shine their work. You get a safe space where you can reflect on what’s going on in the big Edinburgh melting pot and turn struggle into healthy competition and collaboration that inspires you.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an overwhelming experience for everyone. However raising your awareness of what is going on and what strategies for promotion works for you help you in getting through the festival in a healthier way - we aim to make you feel supported and less alone.

You get:

  • Instant personal access to all exercises on the app SHINE YOUR WORK - with audio and worksheets (used by creatives in more than 16 countries since 2021)

  • Online meeting Thursday 25.07.2024 at 5.00pm - 6.00pm CEST - facilitated space for introduction to strategies for a wholehearted approach to promotion in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Context + Q&A

  • In-person check in meeting in Edinburgh Thursday 08.08.2024 at 10.00am - 11.15am UK time - facilitated session with the focus: What is your challenge regarding visibility at the festival?

  • In-person check in meeting in Edinburgh Thursday 15.08.2024 at 10.00am - 11.15am UK time - facilitated session with the focus: Which tools do you need to activate now in order to get the most out of the festival’s second part?

  • Online debrief meeting Thursday 05.09.2024 at 5.00pm - 6.00pm CEST - focus on reflecting what happened and take-away-learnings from EdFringe 2024

  • An Edinburgh discount on 1-0n-1 sessions with festival expert, author, mentor and creator of SHINE YOUR WORK - Karen Toftegaard - in the period 01.08.2024 - 23.08.2024

NB: We prioritize giving space to each individual attending so we can only offer access to a limited number of participants.

People say about the course SHINE YOUR WORK:

The workshop reaffirmed the vision I have for my art, it helped me sharpen it, and gave me confidence and extra push for shining it.”

Jernej Bizjak, Slovenian dancer/performance artist

“This workshop offers invaluable insight to any artist who wants to gain a clearer perspective not only on how to communicate about their work better, but also about the work itself. Guiding you with daily tasks( from simple to more complex ones), Karen shifts you towards a proactive mindset and gives you tools to re-evaluate your practice, acknowledge your strengths and develop a strategy to communicate with integrity. I could not recommend this workshop enough!”

Ana Turos, Romanian actress

“Thank you for this workshop. It is essential.”

Laura – Finnish Artist

The workshop made me feel that I am not alone, but most amazing, I find out that some of the things I thought were typical of the precariousness of living in Spain and working in culture were also shared in the rest of the countries. It helped me know more about my real potential and be in peace with it.

Victor – Spanish producer

I think the workshop helped me to listen better to myself and see my work more clear. It made me proud of what I do.

Karin – Swedish Artist

The workshop helped me put attention on my practice and a commitment to thinking about it – insisting on the value of this commitment.

Anika – Danish artist

This course was comprehensive and helped me focus more on audience & better communication of artistic deas.

Natalie – Italian/English producer