About Karen Toftegaard

Karen Toftegaard is a cultural entrepreneur (based in Copenhagen, Denmark) who is specialized in creative processes and festival development. She is a published author about creativity and facilitates learning- and cognition processes. 
Karen is founding CEO in WILDTOPIA by Karen Toftegaard ApS that a.o. initiated and produces the award-winning and highly acclaimed #DANISH showcase at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It has been presented in collaboration with the Danish Arts Foundation 2020 – 2023. In 2024 WILDTOPIA collaborates with the Embassy of Denmark in London and will be supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During Covid Karen launched the critically acclaimed Digital First Performing Arts Festival – RE:LOCATIONS and the recognized workshop for creatives SHINE YOUR WORK. She has worked at institutional theatre for seven years – in the founding years of Camp X and Republique. In 2006 she co-founded the award-winning street gallery AIRPLAY for digital and performing arts. In 2003 she co-founded VILDSKUD festival for independent theatre.

Furthermore Karen is Head of International Programming and Production at CPH STAGE - Denmark`s national festival for performing arts, where she since 2017 has developed the international strategy – which includes manifesting one of the most attractive showcase and international meeting platforms in Northern Europe.

Karen believes in and practices sustainable entrepreneurship which is about letting go and pass on platforms to other people when it is time for you to go somewhere else.

Karen has a Master of Arts degree in modern culture from Copenhagen University and Humboldt University (Berlin - Kulturwissenshaft). She is a certified Shadow Facilitator and has a certification in Future Leadership.