WILDTOPIA by Karen Toftegaard ApS is based in Copenhagen, Denmark - close to the ocean and regenerative green spaces - and provides services in national and global contexts.

Our director Karen Toftegaard is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur who is specialized in creativity processes, festival creation/development, the strengths and challenges in the cultural field - founded in historical knowledge and experience, a strong communicator in inspirational talks, in articles and as published author about creativity - 'Brug din kreativitet'. Facilitating learning- and cognition processes in workshops, mentoring processes and counseling sessions.

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Do you experience blockages in the work- or collaboration flow? Do you fear becoming visible/cancelled/end up in a shitstorm - and selfcensor your communication in advance? Do you need to get in touch with your courage and creative DNA?

We meet creative personalities and organisations that realises that they need to update their perception of themselves and adjust their communication, value storytelling and actions so they match the reality they are in now. We support by:

  • providing a facilitated reflection space to look within and make a strategy based on reality-check ins and your creative DNA
  • sharing research and knowledge about how to create safe creative spaces
  • reflections and inspiration regarding creativity and aspects of working in the arts/festival field as well as communicating your work with integrity - through books, talks, courses and mentoring/counselling

Do you want to get alligned with the changes that shapes the arts and culture field these years?

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Karen Toftegaard 

Founding CEO

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