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SHINE YOUR WORK - online app course

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SHINE YOUR WORK - online app course

ON-THE-GO version on easy-to-use app

How: You get access to audiofiles and worksheets with tools in an easy-to-use app

Being successfull and getting visible is a beauty and a beast. A lot of creatives have ambivalent feelings when it comes to selling their work. When you overcome them you can sell unapologetically and with integrity. SHINE YOUR WORK provides you with tools to handle the heightened focus on becoming visible. Stepping into an arena of attracting attention, becoming visible and standing out can trigger many feelings and behavioral patterns. Our aim is to support creatives in understanding themselves, other people and the world in order to navigate consciously on a higher frequency.

Are you at the verge of breaking through? Are you in the middle of the arena of visibility? Do you want to strengthen your mindset, fin-tune your tools to communicate and keep your stories clear, boost your awareness and check in once a month for support and keeping up the intention on a high vibration? Then choose this.

NB: Please note that this is an app-version with no live elements. If you need personal counseling and reflection space we recommend you to choose the version including 3 live online sessions with Karen Toftegaard.

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