WILDTOPIA promotes the show worldwide (Nordic focus)

THE NIGHT is an interactive danceinstallation for babies in the age of 4 – 18 months and the grown ups in their life. The night often gets connected with no sleep when small children are in the house. However in this performance it is a positive and imaginative experience where both babies and their parents can let the imagination and senses go in a magical night-universe.

The light of the moon, shadows, bodies and sparkling stars are harmonically accompanied by an organic soundscape. The floor is soft and the babies can move freely or just lie down and enjoy all the impressions. Two glowing dance creatures awakens and invites babies and their parents on a sensing journey into an harmonic and safe night world. Here they can litterally touch the sky – and the stars.

MYKA (DK/SE) produces innovative performances and installations for the youngest audiences and the grown ups in their lives – while communicating society’s current topic. The experiences occurs in sensual and magical universes with inspiration from natura, animals and natural phenomena. It is important that both short and tall people feel inspired and challenges.

Upcoming shows:

07.03 – 10.03 + 18.03 – 21.03: STEP Festival – International festival for children and youth, Gothenburg – SE (7 shows)
19.04 – 26.04: Aprilfestival, Holbæk – DK (3 shows)
28.04 – 01.05: Zangenberg Teater, Copenhagen – DK (12 shows)
02.05 – 05.05: SWOP Festival, Roskilde – DK (4 shows)

Show details

Natten (trailer) from MYKA on Vimeo.