Kristján Ingimarsson Company

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Climb into the head of a desperate director and experience distorted, weightless characters in a nightmarish drama. It takes place in a 360-degree hospital room. You are on the filmset of a web series.

The story is simple: a man escapes from an overwhelming reality. You get up close and personal with the production and see how the actors and the techniques work together with jaw-dropping timing. Kristján Ingimarsson Company literally turns everything upside down this time.

The way of intertwining digital, video and on set experience is a brilliant way of raising our awareness of new ways to communicate the performing arts. Finding and connecting with new audiences in new ways.

Kristján Ingimarsson’s technical marvel of an acid trip is breathtakingly beautiful.”

“Masterfully executed.”


Pitch of ROOM 4.1 LIVE – selected for the Danish festival CPH STAGE 2020

Young Audiences

This work attracts young audiences who don’t need a teacher to convince them to watch theatre – they get curious watching the web series and choose the live on set experience themselves. You can read about how young audiences like the mix of physical theatre and video (in Danish).

Please note: ROOM 4.1 LIVE is a theatre installation based on the web series Room 4.1. Watch or rewatch all the episodes HERE.

Kristján Ingimarsson Company is a physical theatre and video production company under the artistic direction of Kristján Ingimarsson, a Denmark-based Icelandic performer and director. Characteristic of KIC’s productions are their almost limitless physical expression along with endless curiosity.

Upcoming shows:  Spring 2021 – Borgarleikhúsið – Reykjavik, Iceland

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