Kristján Ingimarsson Company // co-produced with Aarhus Theatre

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Imagine yourself at a vernissage for the very first time. You look at people who kisses cheek to cheek – small talking and bullshitting. Clearly some of them rank higher than others but you can’t really see why. You might think: “What on earth is going on? Is this normal?”

In the surreal comical sweat dripping performance MORPH Kristján Ingimarsson frisks the human animal. Together with actors, performers and acrobats he turns our everyday actions upside down. Is there a new normal?

Kristján Ingimarsson Company is an award winning, world-touring physical theatre company under the artistic direction of Kristján Ingimarsson, a critically acclaimed Denmark-based Icelandic performer and director. Characteristic of KIC’s productions are their almost limitless physical expression along with endless curiosity.

Upcoming shows: Denmark tour in March 2019

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