May I Speak About Dance?

Boaz Barkan

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A dancer moves in a relentless state of dance, while the other tries to comprehend. Boaz Barkan invites performer Jørgen Callesen to help reference significant moments in contemporary dance. In a Woody Allen-ish fashion Barkan comments along the way, getting tangled in various concepts such as non-dance, Basho and somatic practices. Barkan meddles in the approaches of iconic figures in contemporary dance such as Yvonne Rainer, Tatsumi Hijikata and Jerome Bel.

Boaz Barkan is a practitioner and choreographer in the fields of dance, performance and somatic practice. His focus is on movement and embodiment as mediums for performers, audience, and communities.

Upcoming shows:

2020 – 31. March + 1. April Momentum (Odense, DK)

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British Theatre Guide
“…a clever and profound performance, simple and modest, witty and playful; it is meta-dance, and yet perfectly paced and controlled like Butôh itself, carrying the audience on a surge of energy to Hijikata’s liberating revelation. If you want to experience that revelation yourself, I can recommend you go and see the show.”

Photo credit: Andreas Bergmann